Case Study

Medical service providers can streamline the patient intake process by using laser printable sheets containing barcodable patient wristbands. Each sheet combines a patient wristband together with a collection of labels. Unfortunately many host applications installed at medical care facilities do not generate the barcode print jobs necessary to print these wristbands. The TypeHaus FormJet® family solves this problem by accepting existing host application print jobs intended for other purposes and completely reformats the output in order to print the wristband and labels in real time.

Before: Patient Information Report
FormJet Pro Diagram
After: Patient Wristband & Labels
FormJet Pro Diagram

The process starts by simply identifying an existing host application print job that contains the information needed to print the wristband and labels. For example, a patient information report. The FormJet Pro and FormJet Enterprise reside on the network between the host and the printer. When the host prints the report, the FormJet extracts the necessary data and discards the rest of the report. The FormJet then constructs the wristband print job using the extracted data, and sends the wristband print job to the printer.

This case study provides only one example of the wide variety of problems the FormJet family can solve. The FormJet family itself provides a highly flexible platform that can eliminate pre-printed forms by automatically printing the form background, eliminate multi-part forms by automatically printing multiple copies with different watermarks to identify each copy, identify select pieces of data in a print job and automtically add barcodes using that data, or accept one print job and completely reform the data into a new more modern document.

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