CheckJet® Express

The CheckJet® Express package consists of three separate applications.

  • CheckJet® Central
  • CheckJet® Express Manager
  • CheckJet® Express Client

Most users will use these applications in the following order.

CheckJet Central

Used to design your checks and then publish the designs for use by CheckJet Express Manager and Client. CheckJet Central allows you to save your check designs so you can easily edit them in the future to make address, telephone number, or other changes.

CheckJet Express Manager

Used to attach your check designs to QuickBooks bank accounts. By attaching each of your check designs to the appropriate QuickBooks bank account, you tell CheckJet Express which check design to use when printing changes from those accounts.

CheckJet Express Client

CheckJet Express Client performs your everyday printing of check from QuickBooks. For ease of use, the application provides a check printing process very similar to the check printing process provided by QuickBooks.

We bundled a sample check design as part of the installation so users can start experimenting quickly. Use the following tutorial to get a real quick taste of CheckJet Express before creating your own check designs.

A separate tutorial exists for each of the three CheckJet Express applications. We strongly recommend following the tutorials in the order listed below.