TypeHaus Scalable BarCode Font Set

Scalable BarCode
Font Set


TypeHaus offers the Scalable BarCode Font Set for HP LaserJet and MFP printers. This collection of 28 commonly used scalable barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) fonts have been combined into one solution. Existing applications designed to use these fonts do not require code changes when purchasing newer HP models.

TypeHaus developed the Scalable BarCode Font Set to provide customers, whose applications are based on the original HP PCL Scalable BarCodes, to upgrade their printers without interrupting operation. TypeHaus offers this solution on USB, Compact Flash, and DIMM devices for use in all generations of HP LaserJets.

Users simply insert the device into their HP LaserJet printer using the same process as a memory expansion module. Instantly the solution expands the printer's capabilities to include printing scalable barcodes & OCR. The solution requires minimal data from the host. Since the barcode fonts reside in the printer, the host system and network benefit from reduced load.

TypeHaus Scalable BarCode Fonts

The TypeHaus Scalable BarCode Font Set is fully application compatible with HP HG282TT, HG282UT, HG282FT, HG282DJ, HG282GX, & HG282DS.

The Scalable BarCode fonts respond to the same control codes used by the original HP products so no changes to existing applications are needed. The high print quality of today’s HP LaserJet and MFP devices ensures the barcodes are easily read by all kinds of barcode scanners.

In addition to the Scalable BarCode Font Set printer-internal solution, TypeHaus also offers the BarCodeJet®, FormJet® Pro, and FormJet® Enterprise printer-external solutions. Contact TypeHaus directly to discuss your specific barcode printing requirements. Our solutions can be customized to work with any application.

Included Barcode & OCR Fonts
  • Code 39 Quarter Inch
  • Code 39 Half Inch
  • Code 39 One Inch
  • Code 39 Small Low
  • Code 39 Small Medium
  • Code 39 Small High
  • Code 39 Slim Regular
  • Code 39 Wide
  • Code 93 Regular
  • Code 128 Medium
  • Code 128 Narrow
  • Code 128 Wide
  • Interleave 2 of 5
  • Interleave 2 of 5 Tall
  • OCR-A Book Regular
  • OCR-B Code 39 Regular
  • OCR-B Digits Regular
  • OCR-B Music Regular
  • UPC Tall Regular
  • UPC Tall Narrow Regular
  • UPC Tall Thin Regular
  • UPC Half Regular
  • UPC Half Narrow Regular
  • UPC Half Thin Regular
  • UPC Tall Music Thin
  • UPC Half Music Thin
  • UPC Tall Bars Thin
  • UPC Half Bars Thin