TypeHaus PCL5 Complete Font SetTypeHaus PCL5 Complete Font Set

PCL5 Complete
Font Set


By delivering the PCL5 Complete Font Set, TypeHaus overcomes the internal font limitations of select HP LaserJet models.

Hewlett-Packard released a limited collection of LaserJet printers intended primarily to rely upon the downloading of host-based fonts to the printer. These printers lack the built-in fonts traditionally found on the majority of other LaserJet models.

The lack of traditional built-in fonts introduces problems when printing from primarily non-Windows applications and Windows applications that bypass the Windows printer driver. This includes many leading ERP applications such as SAP.

The TypeHaus PCL5 Complete Font Set consists of an add-in module that contains the complete set of PCL5 fonts traditionally found on all other LaserJet models. These fonts respond to the exact same PCL5 selection command sequences used with other LaserJet models, thereby making the printer font-compatible with existing applications written for other LaserJet models. The module also includes 64 MB of additional RAM to enhance the speed of the printer.

For users requiring barcode support in addition to the complete set of PCL5 fonts, TypeHaus also bundles the PCL5 Complete Font Set on a common module with the TypeHaus BarCodes & More for those LaserJet models requiring the missing fonts.

Common PCL5 Complete Printers
  • HP LaserJet 2605
  • HP LaserJet 2820
  • HP LaserJet 2830
  • HP LaserJet 2840
  • HP LaserJet 3390
  • HP LaserJet M2727
  • HP LaserJet P2015

Please call for other models.

Included Fonts
  • Albertus Medium
  • Albertus Extra Bold
  • Antique Olive
  • Antique Olive Bold
  • Antique Olive Italic
  • Arial
  • Arial Bold
  • Arial Italic
  • Arial Bold Italic
  • CG Times
  • CG Times Bold
  • CG Times Italic
  • CG Times Bold Italic
  • CG Omega
  • CG Omega Bold
  • CG Omega Italic
  • CG Omega Bold Italic
  • Clarendon Condensed
  • Coronet
  • Courier
  • Courier Bold
  • Courier Italic
  • Courier Bold Italic
  • CourierPS
  • CourierPS Bold
  • CourierPS Oblique
  • CourierPS Bold Oblique
  • Garamond Antiqua
  • Garamond Halbfett
  • Garamond Kursiv
  • Garamond Kursiv Halbfett
  • Helvetica
  • Helvetica Bold
  • Helvetica Oblique
  • Helvetica Bold Oblique
  • Helvetica Narrow
  • Helvetica Narrow Bold
  • Helvetica Narrow Oblique
  • Helvetica Narrow Bold Oblique
  • HP David
  • HP David Bold
  • HP Miryam
  • HP Miryam Bold
  • HP Miryam Italic
  • HP Narkis Tam
  • HP Narkis Tam Bold
  • ITC Avant Garde Book
  • ITC Avant Garde Demi
  • ITC Avant Garde Book Oblique
  • ITC Avant Garde Demi Oblique
  • ITC Bookman Light
  • ITC Bookman Demi
  • ITC Bookman Light Italic
  • ITC Bookman Demi Italic
  • ITC Zapf Chancery Italic
  • ITC Zapf Dingbats
  • Koufi
  • Koufi Bold
  • Letter Gothic
  • Letter Gothic Italic
  • Letter Gothic Bold
  • Line Printer
  • Marigold
  • Naskh
  • Naskh Bold
  • New Century Schoolbook Roman
  • New Century Schoolbook Bold
  • New Century Schoolbook Italic
  • New Century Schoolbook Bold Italic
  • Palatino Roman
  • Palatino Bold
  • Palatino Italic
  • Palatino Bold Italic
  • Ryadh
  • Ryadh Bold
  • Symbol
  • SymbolPS
  • Times Roman
  • Times Bold
  • Times Italic
  • Times Bold Italic
  • Times New Roman
  • Times New Bold
  • Times New Italic
  • Times New Bold Italic
  • Univers Medium
  • Univers Bold
  • Univers Medium Italic
  • Univers Bold Italic
  • Univers Medium Condensed
  • Univers Bold Condensed
  • Univers Medium Condensed Italic
  • Univers Bold Condensed Italic
  • Wingdings