PCL5 Complete
Font Set


Installation Guides
Document Product# Format
Install Guide for HP LaserJets and MFPs with 144 Pin DIMMs 11B583-37
(was 11B054-10)
Install Guide for HP LaserJets and MFPs with 100 Pin DIMMs (reversed) 11B58R-37
(was 11B065-10)
Test Files
File Format
LaserJet Font Listing Print Job
Using the printer's front panel to print a PCL5 font listing is normally sufficient to test the PCL5 Complete Font Set solution as indicated on the Install Guide. This file is useful for testing the PCL5 Complete Font Set solution using printers that do not have front panels (ex: HP LaserJet P2015). It contains a PCL5 print job to instruct the LaserJet to print a font listing. Use the TypeHaus DirectPrint utility (a separately available download) to send this file to your printer when using Microsoft Windows. The file contents must be copied to the printer "as is". The file cannot be printed using Microsoft Word, Notepad, or other typical applications.
Utility Format
TypeHaus DirectPrint
Useful for sending test files to printers when using Microsoft Windows. Test files must contain properly structured print jobs. This utility cannot be used to print other documents or files. This is a Ready-to-Run utility. No installation required. Simply download and execute.