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MICR Toner


Up to 60% off first time orders! *

MICR toner cartridges ready for all major check printers. Ordering TypeHaus premium compatible MICR toner cartridges means knowing you’ll receive reliable printing backed by an ISO 9001 Commitment to Quality certification.

Cartridges undergo testing of individual components before assembly, 100% post-assembly print testing, a QC loop inspection, pre-packaging inspection, and post-packaging random sample re-testing.

Ordering from TypeHaus also means receiving a product produced in the US that meets or exceeds numerous quality and environmental standards.

ISO 19752

All page yields are based on ISO 19752 standards.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 means a commitment to minimizing how operations negatively affect the environment by establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental impact, planning, implementation as well as documented continuous improvement.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 family of standards for quality management systems. Requirements in the ISO 9001 standard include: documenting procedures, monitoring processes, keeping adequate records, taking corrective action, regularly reviewing the overall system and facilitating continuous improvement.

EPA WasteWise

EPA WasteWise is a voluntary partnership program that helps organizations eliminate costly waste through waste reduction -- benefiting the environment.


RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) restricts the use of six hazardous materials, including lead, in the manufacture of various types of electronic equipment. Adopted in February 2003 by the European Union.


REACH is a European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. It is the strictest law to date regulating chemical substances.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) label, featured on packaging is a sign you are buying wood and paper products from a responsible source, backed by a rigorous, third-party certification audit.

Popular MICR Toner Cartridges

This table lists only the most popular MICR toner cartridges. TypeHaus has MICR toner cartridges for all major laser printer manufacturer models used for check printing. Please contact sales if your printer model is not listed.

TypeHaus PN Printer Model Page Yield
11M100-00 HP LaserJet 1000 2,500
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 1010 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 1012 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 1015 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 1018 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 1020 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 1022 2,000
11M102-00 HP LaserJet 1100 2,500
11M103-00 HP LaserJet 1150 3,500
11M104-00 HP LaserJet 1160 2,500
11M100-00 HP LaserJet 1200 2,500
11M100-00 HP LaserJet 1220 2,500
11M105-00 HP LaserJet 1300 3,500
11M104-00 HP LaserJet 1320 2,500
11M104-10 HP LaserJet 1320 6,000
11M120-00 HP LaserJet 2055 2,300
11M106-00 HP LaserJet 2100 5,000
11M106-00 HP LaserJet 2200 5,000
11M107-00 HP LaserJet 2300 6,300
11M108-00 HP LaserJet 2400 6,000
11M108-10 HP LaserJet 2400 12,000
11M108-00 HP LaserJet 2420 6,000
11M108-10 HP LaserJet 2420 12,000
11M108-00 HP LaserJet 2430 6,000
11M108-10 HP LaserJet 2430 12,000
11M105-00 HP LaserJet 3015 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 3020 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 3030 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 3050mfp 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 3052mfp 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet 3055mfp 2,000
11M102-00 HP LaserJet 3200 2,500
11M100-00 HP LaserJet 3300 2,500
11M100-00 HP LaserJet 3300mfp 2,500
11M100-00 HP LaserJet 3380 2,500
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 4 6,800
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 4+ 6,800
11M110-00 HP LaserJet 4000 6,000
11M110-10 HP LaserJet 4000 10,000
11M110-00 HP LaserJet 4050 6,000
11M110-10 HP LaserJet 4050 10,000
11M111-00 HP LaserJet 4100 10,000
11M111-00 HP LaserJet 4100mfp 10,000
11M112-00 HP LaserJet 4200 12,000
11M113-00 HP LaserJet 4240 10,000
11M113-00 HP LaserJet 4250 10,000
11M113-10 HP LaserJet 4250 20,000
11M114-00 HP LaserJet 4300 19,500
11M113-00 HP LaserJet 4350 10,000
11M113-10 HP LaserJet 4350 20,000
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 4m 6,800
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 5 6,800
11M115-10 HP LaserJet 5000 10,000
11M115-10 HP LaserJet 5100 10,000
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 5m 6,800
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 5n 6,800
11M109-00 HP LaserJet 5se 6,800
11M116-00 HP LaserJet 5Si 15,000
11M116-00 HP LaserJet 8000 15,000
11M116-00 HP LaserJet 8050 15,000
11M117-10 HP LaserJet 8100 20,000
11M117-10 HP LaserJet 8150 20,000
11M118-10 HP LaserJet 9000 30,000
11M118-10 HP LaserJet 9000mfp 30,000
11M118-10 HP LaserJet 9040mfp 30,000
11M118-10 HP LaserJet 9050 30,000
11M118-10 HP LaserJet 9050mfp 30,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet M1005mfp 2,000
11M101-00 HP LaserJet M1319f mfp 2,000
11M119-00 HP LaserJet P2015 3,000
11M120-00 HP LaserJet P2035 2,300
11M120-10 HP LaserJet P2055 6,500
11M121-10 HP LaserJet P3005 13,000
11M123-00 HP LaserJet P3015 6,000
11M123-10 HP LaserJet P3015 12,500
11M122-00 HP LaserJet P4014 10,000
11M122-00 HP LaserJet P4015 10,000
11M122-10 HP LaserJet P4015 24,000
11M122-00 HP LaserJet P4515 10,000
11M122-10 HP LaserJet P4515 24,000

* Discount from MSRP varies by printer model and cartridge capacity. Valid for first orders only. Limit one cartridge. Offer subject to change without notice. Contact TypeHaus for regular and volume discounts.