MICR (E-13B) Font


TypeHaus has been a leader in MICR check printing technology for 21 years. We deliver integrated and custom solutions for securely printing MICR encoded checks with all necessary information including logo, signature, customer data and MICR line.

Most commonly used in legacy ERP, SAP and Oracle systems that require only a printer-resident MICR font, the MICR (E-13B) Font Solution is TypeHaus' most basic check printing solution. TypeHaus also offers the CheckJet® Windows & Enterprise, FormJet® Pro, FormJet® Enterprise, and Secure CheckBox solutions for customers with more complete and customizable check printing requirements.

MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It describes the special typeface and ink used to encode the numbers and symbols printed on the bottom line of checks and other documents for high-speed magnetic or optical processing. The United States and many other countries use the E-13B MICR font.

Another MICR font used by several countries in Europe and South America is CMC-7. TypeHaus can readily provide the CMC-7 MICR font as part of previously mentioned solutions, or as part of a Custom Font Solution.

The TypeHaus MICR E-13B Font is fully application compatible with the HP HG283TS, HG283US, HG283DJ, HG283GS, HG283GX, & HG283DS.

Why use MICR in Laser Check Printing? Printer-resident MICR fonts increase security by allowing accounting departments to stock only blank laser check stock paper. Blank check stock paper has not already been printed with the company's banking account information. Blank stock also avoids the expense and time delay of purchasing pre-printed check stock.

Management of multiple checking accounts is simplified by eliminating the hassles of maintaining multiple stocks of checks, and constantly changing the check stock currently loaded in the printer. Blank stock allows easy incorporation and updating of digitized signatures, custom check layout and logos. Checks can be printed at remote locations without the need to secure store preprinted check stock at those locations.