LaserJet Flash


TypeHaus designs and builds electronic hardware products to support printing of barcodes, fonts, MICR fonts, forms, signatures and logos. We offer flash memory products for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers. TypeHaus is a registered HP Solutions Business Partner.

TypeHaus manufactures a wide range of HP printer memory. Flash DIMMs memory providing non-volatile storage to permanently store fonts, electronic forms, barcodes, signatures and logos. When the form or font is stored in the DIMM, the printer prints at its rated engine speed. The DIMMs can be programmed either by the LaserJet printer in FSA mode or using the Needhams EMP-30 or EMP-31 Programmer to program in ROM mode. We stock DIMM cards for older HP LaserJet series printers.

We offer HP LaserJet USB Flash and Compact Flash for newer HP LaserJet printers. They are more convenient to handle than DIMMs but it is still necessary to open the printer (side panel) to insert or remove the card.

HP Compact Flash cards may be used with Hewlett Packard LaserJet 2420, 2430, 4250, 4350, 5550, 9040 and 9050 series printers. The Compact Flash card is programmed by the user or TypeHaus. HP Compact Flash cards enable resellers or OEMs to take advantage of the convenience and value of more font choices, storing electronic forms, secure printing, logo and signature storage.

TypeHaus also provides USB Flash memory to support the newest HP LaserJet printers. The USB Flash is used where a printer centric solution is required for storing resources. Using the USB Flash memory provides resources directly on the printer to enhance printer speed and to save data transfer bandwidth. TypeHaus supports both File System Architecture (FSA) mode and ROM mode for formatting the USB memory.

TypeHaus can also create and load the devices for immediate use. TypeHaus uses a proprietary technology for storing the MICR Fonts, Check Forms and Signatures on the removable USB Flash Drive. Our USB Flash drive is an internal product connected via an a USB connector. Through the firmware of the printer, escape sequences embedded in the data stream are identified which invoke the MICR fonts, electronic form and signature for secure printing. TypeHaus has manufactured these devices to be 100% compatible with the printers sold by HP. BarCodes & More font solution offered. HP Part Number: 36596

These USB Flash, Compact Flash, and DIMM devices are specifically designed with firmware for the HP LaserJet printer series. If you are using a non HP printer, our eFormsBox provides an external solution.