TypeHaus continues to lead the industry in delivering electronic form design, automated form transaction solutions, as well as custom font design. Our team of professionals can design, build and implement printer-based electronic form and custom font printing within your organization.

electronic form design

TypeHaus offers form development services including digitizing of logos, custom forms, signatures and fonts. We also offer standard and custom hardware products that are tailored to your needs and specifications. TypeHaus eliminates the need for management of preprinted forms. Changes to forms such as addresses, phone numbers, personnel, and logos are easily updated. Our forms can include many elements such as barcodes, signatures, logos, graphics, multi-part forms, etc.

TypeHaus can improve your company's efficiency and reduce costs by replacing preprinted forms. We offer HP LaserJet USB flash, compact flash, DIMMs and Lexmark dCards for installing the forms internal to the printer. Our FormJet® Pro, FormJet® Enterprise, and CheckBox provide external, printer independent solutions to store custom forms, fonts, signatures and logos. We remove the hassles associated with preprinted forms, such as manual preprinted form loading, separation and handling.

Electronic Form Benefits
  • Healthcare forms design
  • Eliminate forms obsolescence
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed forms
  • Forms may be easily updated in the field
  • Printer-local forms storage
    • Internal USB, Compact Flash & DIMMs
    • External Devices
  • Customized solutions for VARs and OEMs
  • Form conversion and digitizing services

We offer a wide variety of custom form digitizing and design options across many industries including healthcare. TypeHaus provides a cost-effective solution for your organization's document design needs. We offer custom logo and signature digitization services to complement your custom form designs.

Contact TypeHaus to discuss your printing requirements to convert your existing paper forms to electronic format. TypeHaus can design new forms to your specification. Our professionally designed electronic forms will ensure consistent branding for your company.

Custom Font Benefits
  • Logos, signatures, & custom barcodes
  • Multiple formats
    • PCL
    • PostScript
    • Metacode
    • TrueType
  • Pre-programmed onto
    • HP LaserJet USB Flash
    • HP LaserJet Compact Flash
    • HP LaserJet DIMMs
    • Lexmark dCards
  • Custom typeface design
  • Custom character set development
  • Digitize existing forms, signatures, & logos
  • Create of logo & symbol fonts
  • Font format conversions
  • Signature font creation
  • Custom editing of printer fonts
  • Multiple platform custom font support
  • Custom font & technology consulting
More Information

custom font design

TypeHaus has an experienced custom font development team that will work with you on any custom need for your company. We provide specialized services customized to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

TypeHaus offers several custom type design services including digitizing signatures, creating logos, and barcodes. TypeHaus delivers high quality custom font solutions for developers, graphic designers, corporations and small businesses. We deliver services using flash products such as HP LaserJet compatible USB flash, compact flash and DIMMs. TypeHaus technicians pre-program your flash memory solution before shipping.

Our hardware delivery solutions include FormJet® Pro, FormJet® Enterprise, CheckBox, BarCodeJet® Internal, and BarCodeJet® (external).