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advanced QuickBooks check printing. simplified.

CheckJet® Express eliminates the hassles and security concerns of shuffling around boxes of pre-printed check stock for each checking account. Designed for Property Managers and other companies with complex QuickBooks check printing requirements, CheckJet Express performs on-demand printing of the complete check form at the time of check printing.

By printing the bank routing numbers and other components of the check form at the same time as the payee, amount, date and voucher stub information, CheckJet Express eliminates the need to swap checks for different checking accounts in and out of your printer. CheckJet Express also eliminates the need to order and store pre-printed check stock for each checking account. Simply load blank check paper and print from all checking accounts at one time.

mixed-account check printing

Mixed-account check printing facilitates printing of checks from multiple QuickBooks accounts as part of a single print run. No more selecting checks from each account separately and having to print them as separate jobs. Simply select any or all checks from any or all accounts at one time and print them as a single job.

This feature greatly simplifies the lives of property managers, accounting/bookkeeping service providers, and other businesses that print a variety of checks from a variety of checking accounts.

design your own

CheckJet Express comes bundled with TypeHaus' CheckJet Central application designed to allow you control over your own check designs. Simply follow CheckJet Central's simple step-by-step process to enter the information from your existing pre-printed checks into CheckJet Central's check designer. Save your check design for easy future updating of your company's address, telephone number, bank, or any other information on the check form. No more worrying about ordering new pre-printed checks to fix even the most minor change in the check form.

fully functional download

CheckJet Express downloads are fully functional. When only experimenting with CheckJet Express, no special supplies are required. Simply print test checks on blank copier paper using standard toner. To meet banking specifications, production checks require the use of blank check paper and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) toner. Contact us for more information about check paper and MICR toner.

community involvement preview

Evalulate a fully functional copy of CheckJet Express yourself for free as part of TypeHaus' Community Involvement Preview (CIP) program. Community Involvement Previews are "almost ready for production" releases of TypeHaus applications designed to allow you to evaluate the benefits for yourself.

They also allow you to influence future development of applications by providing your feedback to TypeHaus. Each Community Involvement Preview remains fully functional over the time period established for that release (commonly 60-90 days). Updated Community Involvement Preview releases will generally have a new time period over which they remain fully functional.

tutorials & technical support

Technical support for Community Involvement Previews is provided primarly using the TypeHaus support forum. This provides a common respository of questions, answers, and other information for all CIP users to reference.

We've created several tutorials to help users get started with CheckJet Express. The place to start is with the CheckJet Express Overview.


Please provide us with information that helps us recognize you as a Community Involvement Preview user during subsequent feedback or other communications. We will also use your email address (only) to notify you of future releases of the application. TypeHaus maintains all information provided here in strict confidence and does not release this information to any third party for any purpose without a court order.

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