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From auto-signing to on-demand check form printing, the CheckJet® family continues TypeHaus' pursuit of greater efficiency in forms printing and handling. With CheckJet, stay focused on real accounting tasks. On-demand check form printing eliminates ordering and handling preprinted checks. Auto-signing eliminates tedius hand-signing stacks of payroll and other repetative check runs.

Imagine the time savings from having your printer automatically sign checks using completely secure signatures. Imagine no longer handling and reordering boxes of preprinted checks. The CheckJet family brings those visions to life.

automatic check signing

Each member of the CheckJet family monitors the commands being sent to your printer. Upon detecting a check print job, the CheckJet automatically includes the appropriate signature(s). The signatures can be stored in either the base CheckJet device, or in a removable compact flash (CF) card depending upon your security requirements. In both cases encryption renders the signatures accessible to only the CheckJet itself. Using the CF card allows physical removal of the signatures from the CheckJet, thereby preventing automatic check signing when not authorized.

checks on-demand

Using the same approach as check signing, the CheckJet family can automatically print the entire check form upon detecting a check print job. This eliminates the need for ordering and handling boxes of preprinted checks for each bank account.

windows and enterprise

CheckJet Windows Edition works with most Windows based applications that rely upon Windows printer drivers, including Crystal Reports. Enterprise Edition includes all Windows Edition functionality, plus many of the fonts and other features expected by enterprise scale applications like PeopleSoft and SAP.

Features & Benefits
  • Auto-signing eliminates tedius manual check signing
  • On-demand check form printing eliminates managing inventories of preprinted checks
  • Wide range of security stock available for significantly less than preprinted checks
  • Incorporate advanced security features into check runs
  • Consolidate check printing onto common paper supply
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Per-check cost savings from 55% to 60% depending upon printer model
  • Compatible with most network attached laser printers
  • MICR toner available for most major laser printers
Printer Requirements

The TypeHaus QuickJet supports standard "off-the shelf" network attached laser printers from virtually any company, including Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, IBM and Xerox.