BarCodes & More


TypeHaus offers the BarCodes & More font collection for HP LaserJets and MFPs. Fully compatible with HP's BarCodes & More HG281TS, HG281US, HG281DJ, HG281FS, HG281DS & 36596DB #C06 product. The TypeHaus BarCodes & More contains all 11 original HP bitmapped fonts plus 2 additional fonts for printing Code 128 barcodes.

compatible & easy

For customers with applications based on HP's original PCL5 bitmapped barcode fonts, the updated BarCodes & More makes printers barcode-ready without requiring host application modifications. To support the full range of HP LaserJet and MFP workgroup printers, TypeHaus offers the solution on USB, Compact Flash (CF), and DIMM memory devices. Simply inserting the BarCodes & More device into the printer in the same fashion as any memory expansion instantly adds barcodes to the printer’s capabilities.

barcode printing family

We designed the BarCodes & More for full compatibility with legacy applications programmed for the original HP PCL5 non-scalable bitmapped barcode fonts. For applications requiring fully scalable barcode fonts, TypeHaus offers the Scalable BarCode Font Set solution. Our BarCodeJet® Internal and BarCodeJet® (External) solutions provide fully intelligent 1D and 2D barcode printing capabilities.


For questions about printer model compatibility or selecting the appropriate barcode solution, please give TypeHaus a call to discuss your requirements. Our solutions can be customized to work with any application.

Included Fonts
  • Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) Barcode
  • Code 128 Barcode (Standard & Wide)
  • EAN/UPC Barcode (10 & 13 mil)
  • USPS ZIP Barcode
  • PostNet Barcode
  • OCR-A
  • OCR-B
  • Letter Gothic
  • Line Draw