BarCodes Complete


Please Note: The BarCodes Complete has been replaced by the BarCodeJet® Internal. The BarCodeJet Internal is a fully compatible upgrade to the BarCodes Complete. The following downloads consist of the last available releases for the BarCodes Complete solution, and are only provided for the convenience of existing BarCodes Complete users.

Installation Guides
Document Product# Format
Install Guide for HP LaserJets and MFPs with Host USB(2)
USB(2) is for HP FutureSmart models with host USB.
11B52K-00 PDF
Install Guide for HP LaserJets and MFPs with Host USB(1)
USB(1) is for HP models with host USB prior to HP FutureSmart.
(was 11B531-00)
Install Guide for HP LaserJets and MFPs with Compact Flash 11B521-00
(was 11B530-00)
Install Guide for HP LaserJets and MFPs with 100 Pin DIMMs 11B032-XX PDF
Printing Guides

The following guides provide instructions for printing only a subset of the wide range of barcodes supported by the BarCodes Complete. TypeHaus is in the process of republishing the printing guides for those barcodes not listed below. For barcodes not listed below, please contact TypeHaus.

Document (Partial Set) Format
Aztec Code Printing Guide PDF
Code 128 Printing Guide PDF
Intelligent Mail (US Postal Service) Printing Guide PDF
MaxiCode (UPS) Printing Guide PDF
UPC-A Printing Guide PDF
UPC-E Printing Guide PDF
Test Files
File Format
BarCodes Complete Test Page
This file is useful for testing the BarCodes Complete. This test page file contains a PCL5 print job for printing a test page. Use the TypeHaus DirectPrint utility (a separately available download) to send this file to your printer when using Microsoft Windows. The file contents must be copied to the printer "as is". The file cannot be printed using Microsoft Word, Notepad, or other typical applications.
Utility Format
TypeHaus DirectPrint
Useful for sending test files to printers when using Microsoft Windows. This is a Ready-to-Run utility. No installation required. Simply download and execute.