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Asian Double-Byte


Globalization creates an increasing multi-language demand upon corporate information systems. While Microsoft Windows systems typically provide the multi-language support as part of the operating system, non-Windows environments have traditionally relied upon the printing device to provide these capabilities.

The TypeHaus Asian Double-Byte Fonts Solutions enhance the capabilities of your HP LaserJets to print Asian fonts, thereby eliminating the need for out-dated dot matrix printers often used for Asian text. Depending upon the requirements of the LaserJet model, the fonts reside on a USB, Compact Flash, or DIMM module that easily installs inside your LaserJet printer.

These Asian fonts enable double-byte character set (DBCS), sometimes also referred to as multi-byte character set (MBCS), printing for non-Windows environments. This results in improved printing performance while eliminating the network traffic associated with printing these fonts as graphics.

A multinational corporation with headquarters in Tokyo may have branch offices in New York and Beijing, using a mixture of Japanese, English and Chinese in its daily business communications. Multifaceted enterprises require printing systems with multi-language capabilities.

Asian markets introduce unique challenges for multilingual printing services. Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages rely upon a vast set of symbols, or ideographs, requiring multi-byte encoding schemes. Most basic printing systems lack support for these languages and encoding schemes.

Available Asian Double-Byte Fonts
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Korean
More Information

SAP and other uses

The Asian Double-Byte Fonts provide a critical printing component for SAP and other environments that maintain data in the double-byte format. In many of these environments, the printer must include the double-byte fonts necessary when printing this data. The TypeHaus Asian Double-Byte Fonts extend the internal font collection of HP LaserJets to include the necessary Asian fonts.

unicode extended alternative

Double-Byte and Unicode are two distinctly different data encoding formats. For environments requiring Unicode support or a broader range of languages, TypeHaus also offers the International Unicode Font. TypeHaus designed the Asian Double-Byte Fonts for use in older traditionally dot matrix oriented double-byte environments, and the International Unicode Font for use in newer Unicode environments. The Asian Double-Byte Fonts include only Asian characters. The International Unicode Font leverages the power of Unicode to enable printing virtually all the world's business languages.