December 2, 2009

TypeHaus Makes First Class Delivery of US Postal Service Intelligent Mail Barcode Printing for HP LaserJets and Other Manufacturer's Printers

By Upgrading Its Venerable BarCodeJet and BarCodes Complete Product Lines to Provide USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Support, TypeHaus Continues as the Barcoding Solution for Enterprises using SAP as well as Other Commercial ERP and In-House Developed Systems.

Encinitas, CA - December 2, 2009: Packed with intelligence to automatically format the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode as well as over 40 other one and two dimensional barcodes, the BarCodeJet and BarCodes Complete solutions by TypeHaus turn nearly any HP LaserJet or other laser printer into a professional quality barcode printer.

While ideal for printing barcodes from SAP and other commercial ERP systems, these solutions also greatly simplify barcode printing for developers and technicians responsible for in-house applications. Automatic calculating of checksums, placing and formatting of human readable text, and accurate scaling of bars to ensure high reliability barcodes make these products efficient solutions for any company looking to benefit from Intelligent Mail barcodes and the broad range of other barcode technologies.

Businesses looking to profit from enhanced services being offered by the United States Postal Service will need to implement Intelligent Mail barcode printing as part of their mailing and shipping processes. The barcode facilitates end-to-end tracking and information gathering for businesses to use in financial, operational, and marketing analysis. The BarCodeJet and BarCodes Complete products provide two excellent solutions for rapidly fulfilling this new printing requirement. In addition, the solutions readily generate older USPS PostNet and ZIP barcodes, as well as popular high density 2D barcodes such as UPS Maxicode and PDF-417.

The TypeHaus BarCodeJet quickly installs outside the printer and provides intelligent barcode printing capabilities for all Ethernet attached printers that support the PCL5 control language. The product requires no configuration and automatically adopts the network configuration settings of the printer.

The TypeHaus BarCodes Complete solution easily installs in the standard USB, compact flash, or DIMM expansion sockets located inside HP LaserJet and MFP printers. This dedicated HP LaserJet and MFP solution provides all the same intelligent barcode printing capabilities of the BarCodeJet, plus a wide selection of scalable and bitmap barcode fonts used by a number of legacy applications.

Both products have been solid and reliable offerings from TypeHaus for years, and have been supported with regular feature upgrades to keep pace with the constant introduction of new barcode formats worldwide. The company has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment toward quality. TypeHaus customer support is US-based at its headquarters located in Encinitas, California near San Diego.

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