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For over 24 years TypeHaus has delivered a wide array of solutions to address the unique printing problems faced by Fortune 500 companies. With the expertise to design and manufacture both hardware and software solutions, TypeHaus has the proven track record to deliver the enhanced printer resources required to support both standard and proprietary enterprise applications.

In addition to delivering a wide selection of ready-to-ship standard printing solutions, we also specialize in creating, implementing, and supporting solutions specifically tailored to a company's individual printing requirements. Our semi-custom and fully custom solutions extend the life of legacy systems without incurring the expense and disruption of host reprogramming and upgrading.

By freeing corporations from outdated pre-printed forms and reports, TypeHaus delivers the agility of modern print-on-demand laser forms and corporate branded reports without requiring changes to host applications. TypeHaus print job reformatting technology also helps companies benefit from printing modern payment, regulatory, and other forms from host applications that were never designed with this capability. With unparalleled pre- and post-sales customer support, our staff takes the time to understand customer requirements and provide quality products and services.

TypeHaus ready-to-ship solutions include intelligent 1D and 2D barcodes, font-only barcodes, international Unicode and Asian double-byte business font sets, MICR and various extension font sets, graphics, a large line of standard print-on-demand laser form overlays and other elements to extend printing capabilites. Our line of ready-to-ship supplies include MICR and standard toner, blank check stock as well as compact flash (CF) and USB flash memory certified for internal use within HP LaserJet and MFP devices.

Dedicated to providing the highest level of professional support available in the industry, TypeHaus' association with Hewlett-Packard as a Solution Business Partner assures maximum compatibility of our solutions with the wide range of past, present and future HP LaserJet and MFP devices. Our company is dedicated to offering the personalized services to fulfill your company’s requirements.